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About Us


Are you sick of big impersonal gyms? Or fed up with not getting results because there is no-one around to assist you?

Regenerate is a smaller friendly gym environment where you are always made to feel welcome. The centre is staffed by University qualified graduates who are always on hand to assist you.

We aim to :

1) Help people to overcome injury, pain and medical conditions through correct exercise and movement prescription

2) Encourage people to exercise who normally are not into exercise: young and old alike.

3) Improve the health of the local community

Regenerate is now open 24/7 

We specialise in exercise programs for the following:

  • Recovery from injury, such as back, knee and shoulder issues
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Fitness and Weight loss
  • Kids who are hyper-mobile, low toned or non-sporty
  • Chronic disease such as cardiac disease and diabetes
  • For the over 55’s
  • Neurological conditions such as Parkinsons disease, post-stroke or head injury

Our gym staff are trained up by our Physiotherapy colleagues from Regenerate Physiotherapy next door to ensure they have the knowledge to assist you in recovery from injury. And if they encounter a situation outside their area of expertise they will happily liaise with your health care provider (GP or Physio) or refer you on to see one of the Physiotherapists at Regenerate.

The gym is full of the latest functional exercise gear including adjustable pulley systems, free weights, pin loaded machines and other toys. And our refrigerated air conditioning keeps the gym cool in summer.

For further information on our Teen gym class click here!

 Staffed hours

  • Monday to Thursday: 6am to 8pm
  • Friday: 6am to 3pm
  • Saturday: 8am to 12pm

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